Ahead of next weekend’s title deciding showdown in Brazil, there are so many questions flying about.

Obviously, the big one is “Who will win the title?” and that is totally up in the air at the moment - all we can say for sure is that it will be a good battle and we won’t know the outcome until the very end of the race.  Even if Lewis is winning, there is always a chance he will make a mistake or something else will stop him from reaching the finishing line.

Who deserves to win?  For me, no matter who wins from Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen, I think that a case can be made for each of them to be worthy winners.  They have all had their ups and downs this year, so no matter who wins there can’t really be many complaints - even Alonso has admitted as much about the prospect of Hamilton winning.

Who is most likely to win?  As he has a 4 point advantage, I still maintain Lewis Hamilton is a huge favourite to win the title - maybe not the race itself, but in a normal weekend you wouldn’t bet against him finishing on the podium which is all he needs.  As long as he has learnt from how Alonso has driven in the past, and also from his own race in China that all he has to do is drive according to the World Championship rather than that individual race.

Will Alonso get a fair deal from McLaren?  Well, if he wins then everyone will think he did, and if he doesn’t then they may think he didn’t!  It’s a very hard thing for McLaren to prove, but they insist it will be the case.  I think they have way too much to lose to do anything obvious to favour Hamilton - the FIA would come down on them like a ton of bricks and surely exclude them from next year’s championship, so I doubt anything too untoward will happen there.

What is Hamilton’s mindset going to be like?  Hamilton seems to work a lot on his mental approach to races, and I dare say he has convinced himself that China never even happened.  No matter what blame is attached to McLaren as a team, I think Hamilton messed up his race there bigtime - he was overly aggressive from the start and put pressure on his tyres that he simply didn’t have to.  As Ron said after the race, Lewis was racing Alonso and not Kimi so there was no need for him to be working his car so hard - Ron didn’t say it quite like that, but it’s what he meant.  What he actually said only added flames to the favouritism concerns.

How will Alonso approach the race?  I think Alonso simply has to perform to his very best all weekend.  Straight from Friday he has to put the fear of God into Lewis to make him doubt himself as much as possible - whenever he looks at a timesheet from a session, he has make sure Lewis sees “F. Alonso” at the top (preferrably with “K. Raikkonen” and “F. Massa”, at least, appearing beneath Alonso but before Hamilton).  He needs to win and to have at least a couple of cars between himself and Hamilton in order to take the driver’s title, so he needs to use all his skill plus attract a fair bit of luck too.

Does Kimi really believe he can win the title?  I’m sure he knows there is a chance, but he seems to be a bit of a realist so he won’t be like Hamilton would be for example, and spend the next week talking up his chances.  Anything can happen, but for Kimi to win the title he really needs Alonso and Hamilton to both finish outwith the points.  While it has happened before that two rivals have taken each other out, and people would have us believe that Alonso would do it to Hamilton in a flash (something I don’t agree with), the way the points are it’s actually Hamilton who would need to take Alonso out - and I can’t see that happening either.

So, what is going to happen?  At a guess, both Kimi and Alonso are going to have to go for broke to win the race, then as the race pans out we will get a better idea of whether what they have achieved in the early stages is actually going to bear either of them any fruit.  If Hamilton is far down the order, or out of the race altogether then Alonso should be the one sitting pretty - if there’s still a chance of a Kimi victory though then we may see Massa coming into play to interfere with Alonso’s race.

All this depends on Hamilton not being in contention though, and I’ve a feeling that after all the hype Hamilton will likely put his car on pole and never relinquish the lead - which would put a bit of a dampner on things for us viewers!

What I think is the most interesting thought is what happens if Kimi is leading, but with Alonso second, followed by Massa and then Hamilton?  If things stayed like that then Hamilton would win the title (I think!), but Kimi would obviously add another race to his win tally.  Although he would be out of it, would Kimi give any thought to the Driver’s Championship?

If he allowed Alonso to pass in that situation, then it would be Alonso who won the title as Hamilton would be finishing in fourth place.  That would really be a kick in the teeth for Ron Dennis and Kimi’s old work colleagues at McLaren!

Would he think like that though?  He seems pretty laid back, and I’ve a feeling he would just keep driving for the win and let everything else take care of himself - he presumably isn’t bothered which McLaren driver wins the title, if it’s not to be him that is.

If he did allow Alonso to pass him, would the FIA intervene and launch yet another investigation?   Surely team orders only applies within the same team, or the FIA would have to prove that McLaren and Ferrari cooked the scheme up between them (not likely!), or indeed that Kimi and Alonso had done the same?

Whatever happens, I’m really looking forward to next weekend - after all that’s happened away from the track this year, it’s a shame the season is coming to an end just as it’s all hotting up on the track itself!