For him to win the F1 Driver’s Championship, Fernando Alonso really needs to win the race and hope Lewis Hamilton finishes off the podium in fourth or worse.

On the last lap, with all that’s happened this year going through his head, what would Alonso do if the above scenario hasn’t played out in his favour?

Does he carry on, and go up onto the podium with Lewis to acknowledge that he was beaten fair and square?

Or does he park the car by the side of the track to spare his blushes?

Normally I would say that Alonso would be sporting enough to congratulate Hamilton on his win, even if that means being on the podium with him this weekend, but depending on how the weekend and the race goes then I’m not sure what kind of mood he will be in.

Publically he is still saying he expects Hamilton to win the title, as most people would agree given his 4 point advantage which takes Alonso’s destiny out of his hands - this perhaps gives an inclination that he would accept defeat sportingly, but with Alonso’s mood swings you never know what will happen!