It has been noted in the past that following revelations this season, McLaren have been issued with an FIA supervisor who is to oversee all their goings on this weekend and ensure that Fernando Alonso has a fair chance of winning the world championship ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

This is surely the most damaging thing the sport has seen this year, and that’s saying something.

To think that the governing body feels the need to take a proactive step to stop cheating, rather then the usual reactive step of punishing someone after they have broken the rules, is worrisome in my view.

Is this a precedent that means whenever there is a close battle between teammates then someone must be sent to ensure fair play?

It obviously means the FIA believe the allegations of McLaren favouring Hamilton, or at least that is the impression it gives from the outside, and presumably they feel this is the only way of settling things once and for all.  It may be that they assumed by doing this they would show that they are on top of things and will see any hint of unsporting conduct, but I think it reflects badly on them.

Also, is the guy there to ensure Alonso is okay, or the team in general?

Imagine the uproar if Alonso’s engine blows up during qualifying and he starts from the back of the grid - rumours of sabotage will run around the world, and the FIA supervisor will be asked to prove it was deliberate or otherwise.

But what happens if Hamilton’s engine blows up?  Would anyone kick up a fuss then?  No doubt people would just assume McLaren will never do anything to endanger the chances of their golden child, so it must be simple bad luck or a mistake.

What we all have to remember in the Hamilton/Alonso/McLaren saga, is that mistakes and bad luck could happen to Alonso this weekend as well - there’s not always a sinister explanation.