November 2007

What are dreams all about - are they really your inner-most thoughts set free when you are asleep and totally relaxed, are they things you have had on your mind for a while or are they just totally random thoughts and images conjured up by your mind when it’s resting?

The truth of the matter is that nobody knows for sure, but that doesn’t stop people cashing in on those who are wondering the reasons behind their dreams.  I’ve seen books for sale claiming to offer the answers and there are plenty of “dream readers” about who also claim to have the key which will unlock the reasons behind what you dream at night.

If you are expecting one or other to fall over in this video, then you are going to be disappointed - but not for long!

Make sure your speakers are on to hear what they have chosen as their first dance..

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What is a contract worth?  Anything or nothing?

It is meant to provide security for both parties - if you employ someone to do a job for you then a contract with them would provide peace of mind that they will turn up and do what they are supposed to, and from their point of view it ensures that if they do that then you are duty bound to pay them fr doing so.

In the sporting world though, contracts seem to mean diddly-squat and that doesn’t really seem fair on anyone at all.

Is Fernando Alonso’s future really as bleak as has been made out in Alan Henry’s column for F1 Racing magazine this month?

As viewers, we are lulled into a false sense that we know exactly what goes on even behind closed doors these days, but the truth of the matter is that only a select few are allowed access to the real behind-the-scenes stuff.

Journalists are of course privy to this access so I assume that we should take heed of what they say, but I have my doubts about Henry’s thoughts.

So McLaren are now accusing Renault of spying on them in much the same way that McLaren were accused of spying on Ferrari.

The accusations were first raised at the McLaren -v- Ferrari hearing which to me made it look like McLaren were simply trying the “but they have done it as well” tactic more often seen in primary school classrooms, so I didn’t pay them much heed.

Now various documents have been leaked which seem to point to there being more evidence and indeed a much more serious breach of the rules in this case than in the McLaren case - if the evidence really does stack up that is.

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