I was mucking about on the online Apple Store, and I can’t understand the pricing of memory on there.

A 24″ iMac with a few other bits and bobs added on, and with 2Gb of memory is £1,471.99 yet with 4Gb on board it jumps to £1,921.68 - an increase of a penny off £500.00 which seems incredibly steep.

My current PC has 2Gb of memory so any new computer would have to have more than that as it struggles when asked to do anything remotely complex - mainly since Vista was installed it has to be said.

So, I had a rummage about on the net and apparently it’s not too tricky to upgrade your memory (about the only thing you can actually upgrade yourself on an Apple) - which set me off to find out how much memory is direct from the manufacturers.

Crucial, who I gather are pretty decent memory-wise, quote £115.14 including VAT for 4Gb of memory suitable for the new iMac - almost a fifth of the price Apple quote for the 2Gb jump from 2Gb to 4Gb!

How can this be?  Is there something I’m missing in thinking it best to order an Apple with the lowest memory and add in the rest myself?

Not that I’m ordering one…..at the moment…