Years ago, people lived in the past - that sounds stupid, but what I mean is that they found out today what had happened yesterday and so on.

Newspapers were printed to inform them of the events going on in the world in the days or even weeks previously, then these were overtaken by TV news which could tell you at night what had happened across the country that day - and soon they informed of what had happened all around the world that day.

Eventually live broadcasting from various locations anywhere in the world was the advent of the “on-the-spot” reporter who informed viewers of events as they actually unfolded.  Now we have 24 hour news channels who can follow stories for hours on end uninterrupted if it’s deemed necessary - and sometimes even when it’s not.

It seems we can’t get enough of receiving information the very second it happens, yet now we are taking things to the next level.  Now we want to know things before they happen.

Pick up any TV listings magazine, or read any of the supplements in Saturday’s papers and you will know exactly what is going to happen on practically every major show lined up for broadcast that coming week.  Why would you want to know that?

Writers spend a great deal of time trying to come up with storylines which usually involve some form of suspense and dramatic build-up only for the papers to spoil it all by revealing the plot details in advance - which surely spoils it for the viewers.

I can understand why the programme makers release this information to the press, it’s to try and encourage people to watch their show - “Look at this, this is what’s going to happen so you better watch it as it is really good!”  Well I might have watched it if you hadn’t just told me everything that happens in it!

What’s worse is that this trend is infiltrating the news as well.  In the mornings now, we hear a lot of “Later today, the Prime Minister is due to give a speech and in it he will outline new proposals to….” or “the leader of the opposition, David Cameron, will later today call for….” - why can’t they just let them say whatever it is they are going to say and then report it on the news later in the day, after it’s actually been said?

This type of broadcast hardly brings in record ratings so they don’t even have that as an excuse for trying to hype up politicians’ speeches.  If I was a politician then I’d give the breakfast news a copy of a speech promising some weird and outrageous things and then deliver a completely different one later in the day.

It’s the only way they’ll change…