So McLaren are now accusing Renault of spying on them in much the same way that McLaren were accused of spying on Ferrari.

The accusations were first raised at the McLaren -v- Ferrari hearing which to me made it look like McLaren were simply trying the “but they have done it as well” tactic more often seen in primary school classrooms, so I didn’t pay them much heed.

Now various documents have been leaked which seem to point to there being more evidence and indeed a much more serious breach of the rules in this case than in the McLaren case - if the evidence really does stack up that is.

Of course we need to wait and see what comes of it all, but there is one thing that sticks in my head - if you are going to cheat and effectively copy someone else’s work then you should aim to copy the person or team who are best.

So that Renault have gone after McLaren shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are usually up near the front of the grid - that Renault should use that information and be totally off the pace for most of the season is unforgivable in my eyes. 

Only cheat if you use the information to make you better, not worse!  How bad would they have been if they hadn’t used this information?