What are dreams all about - are they really your inner-most thoughts set free when you are asleep and totally relaxed, are they things you have had on your mind for a while or are they just totally random thoughts and images conjured up by your mind when it’s resting?

The truth of the matter is that nobody knows for sure, but that doesn’t stop people cashing in on those who are wondering the reasons behind their dreams.  I’ve seen books for sale claiming to offer the answers and there are plenty of “dream readers” about who also claim to have the key which will unlock the reasons behind what you dream at night.

The reason I bring this up is that the other day while flicking through the channels, I found a TV show called In Your Dreams which seemed to basically feature a minor celebrity talking about their dreams and then a woman who would “decypher” them.

I must confess that I didn’t hang about long enough to see what the outome was, as I’m not a great believer in that kind of thing.

But it did get me thinking about my own dreams.  Most nights I either don’t dream at all, or just don’t remember them when I wake up.  Sometimes something will happen during the day which will remind me of a dream I’ve had the previous night, but that’s quite rare.  Often if I do dream then it’s about things which have happened lately or are about to happen so I always reckoned that dreams were mainly centred around stuff which is already in your head rather than any kind of mysterious vision of the future or whatever other people may claim them to be.

Dreams tend to fade pretty quickly, even if I can remember them when I wake up I generally can’t remember many details within a few hours.  I find it strange then that there is one dream I had as a child and can still remember it to this day, clear as you like - I think this may be due to the fact that I’m certain I had the dream on several occasions, each time exactly the same.  Or so I think, time tends to twist the truth a little but I genuinely believe that what I can remember of the dream is what actually happened and that I had this dream on more than one night.

I can’t remember what age I would be exactly, but I must have been very young.  Like most dreams, it doesn’t really have a start or an ending so it would make a terrible book or film!

Basically in the dream, I am sitting way up high on a trapeze or some such implement, and as I look around me it appears that I’m in a theatre.  The theatre is perfectly round and implausibly tall, with row upon row of little boxes all around the sides.  The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is The Albert Hall or something like that - it’s all very grand with lush red velvet curtains and seats, and all of the boxes are adorned with gold.

As I’m taking in the scene, the boxes are filling up with elegantly dressed guests and I take a look down to see what’s happening below me.  The floor of the theatre should really have a stage in the centre you would think if I’m above it on a trapeze but there’s nothing there - just concentric circles of these highbacked red velvet seats which totally cover the area below where I’m hanging.

This startles me a little bit and I start to look around me, wondering how I got up there and what exactly is going to be happening - what am I part of?

Another look down at all these seats which seem like miles below me, and then it happens.  I don’t know how or why, but I’m falling from the trapeze.

The seats are rushing up towards me, but I seem to fall for an age before I hit them.  Although they are red velvet, the backs are edged in gold and I know it is going to hurt when I land.

But I don’t land, or if I did then I don’t remember it - as far as I recall, the moment of impact was the moment I woke up.

It’s probably not that out of the ordinary to dream this type of thing, but I find it strange to remember it after what is possibly more than 15 years.  I sometimes wonder why I’ve remembered it, and why I had it more than once.

All I know for sure is that I do have a fear of heights - well not really a fear of heights as such, more a fear of falling from a great height.

Do I have the fear because of the dream, or did I have the dream because of the fear?