I like new things.

Every now and again something new comes out which is a lot like something old I already have, and I instantly feel I simply must have it - why is that?  The original item which I already owned had done me fine up until the point I knew the newer version existed and suddenly it seems rubbish, out of date and in need of replacement by this newer shiny thing.

Normally with new things there is a reason for their being, they are “new and improved” with extras that the old model didn’t have so I can normally find a way of justifying spending some cash on this new necessity.

At other times something new comes along which isn’t a direct replacement for something I already have - this is the best thing ever, as it means I can add to my collection of “things” without having to retire an old item first.  A new mobile for instance means I have to stop using the old one, but a new sat nav system for example wouldn’t relegate an older one to the bin as I don’t currently have one.

This is a rather rambling way to get onto the topic of this post.  It’s an idea that I should really be fully on board with, but I am struggling with the whole concept.

I had heard about it a while ago and then forgotten all about it, but it’s been in the news again recently and with other enterprises in this area opening up I’ve been looking at it a bit more thoroughly.

Basically, companies are setup with the sole intention of taking over a football club or other sporting entity.  The first to do it in England (I think) was MyFootballClub and this company has recently agreed to take over Ebbsfleet United in the Blue Square Premier League.

The concept is that milions of people watch football matches and complain like crazy when the manager of the team they support makes seemingly stupid squad selections or sells their favourite player.  In essence MyFootballClub allows people to join together and buy a club, and they will then all be able to vote on every aspect of the running of the club - which team to play on a Saturday, which players to sell, which players to buy etc.

It seems like a good idea in principle, and for £35 membership it is less than the cost of a couple of tickets to go and watch a match in person - plus it’s less than the cost of a football management game like Championship Manager 2008 or the like.

The downside is that your vote will be one among thousands so the chances are you may end up disagreeing with what happens at “your” club anyway.  Plus any profits the club generates are plowed back into the team and the running of the club itself, no payments will be made to the owners.  And that £35 membership is an annual fee, not a one-off.

Obviously if you think about it, a football club is an expensive thing to own - I think every chairman would tell you that they have spent a lot and not gained very much.  But when I heard about this concept initially I thought it might be a good investment if after a few years the club managed to become fairly successful - seems I was wrong.

A new website has been set-up, OwnTheSports, which is aiming to do the same thing but with a Scottish club - at first anyway, later on they expect to expand into England and Ireland before then bursting out of football and heading for horse racing and Formula One.

There is certainly no shame in aiming high, and they sure have their sites pointing straight up.

Horse racing would appear fairly do-able, possibly simpler than football in many regards as I think quite a few people get together and buy a share in a horse but presumably this will be on a grander scale.

There is an unbelievable opportunity here. It’s limitless! Race fans can feel the experience that I’ve enjoyed and own a Formula One team.” Eddie Jordan

As for Formula 1, well that’s a different story.  As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any opportunities coming up for a new team to enter the sport - and the queue of those wanting to enter should an opportunity arise is fairly lengthy, but the problems don’t end there - Prodrive who are officially allowed to enter next year simply are not able to do so as the rules are in a state of flux.  Until all the “customer cars” stuff is sorted out then I can’t see this avenue proceeding very far.

I thought that perhaps the idea would be to join in with advertising on an existing team’s car but the quote from Eddie Jordan seems to veto that idea. It’s all a bit strange but will hopefully become clearer shortly.

It’s one area I may be interested in, certainly more so than the football - but it still strikes me as a bit of a waste of money.  If there was any hope of a return on the investment, or even the investment itself back if things went according to plan, then it would be a different story but at the moment I just don’t see the point.

And for me not to see the point of something new is a totally weird concept to me!