I’ve been watching this story develop over the past week or so, and my viewpoint on it has changed slightly, but not very much.

I don’t want to say too much on it, but the stance that this woman has done nothing wrong and was jailed for something silly only stands up when compared to the laws and ways of life in this country.

Howver the woman, Gillian Gibbons, had at some point decided to leave this country and go to Sudan to work as a teacher - which is very commendable.  But when you go to work and live in another country I think it should be on the proviso that you at the same time accept to live by their laws and customs - if you don’t like them then you should leave.

Whether it is a stupid thing that anyone found naming a teddy bear Mohammed should be jailed isn’t really the issue - the fact is that if you do something like that then you will be found to have insulted the Islamic prophet and you are likely to be punished.  Whether that is right or wrong, she simply shouldn’t have done so and that’s all there is about it as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a bit like English speaking people who go abroad and expect the people in the foreign country to go to the trouble of learning English just to suit them.   We don’t like it when foreigners come here and can’t speak English or don’t try to fit in with our way of life.

With the means of travelling around the globe becoming cheaper and faster the world is becoming a smaller place, but it doesn’t mean the people within it are becoming any less different and us Westerners would do well to remember that.