The England football team has been without a manager for a couple of weeks now and already we have been inundated with stories linking everyone from Martin O’Neill to Sir Alex Ferguson with the job.

One by one, the supposed candidates have counted themselves out of the running, but then without a firm offer of work they would say that wouldn’t they?  Why run the risk of upsetting your own team’s fans and more importantly your current employer by openly courting another job in public?

But assuming the likes of O’Neill, Curbishley etc are all geniunely not after the job then who is really in the frame?

Well so far only a couple of names have come forward and openly invited the FA to come and talk to them - and as far as we know the FA has turned a blind ear to each.

The media attention is firmly focused on Jose Mourinho, who they loved and hated in equal measure when he managed Chelsea until recently.  I can’t help feeling that Mourinho is simply using this as a publicity exercise, a way of getting his face plastered all over the papers again - but perhaps I am doing him a disservice.

Only one way to find out, and that is for the FA to call his bluff (if indeed he is bluffing) and offer him the job.  Is that going to happen?  Not likely - they are probably too scared he would say “Yes”!

The FA suits you see on TV don’t strike me as the adventurous types, and having Jose on board would certainly be an adventure unlike anything we have seen yet.  The last foreign manager was of course dear old Sven who was almost the anti-Jose - quiet and unassuming.  Steve McClaren continued this until recently, and the arrival of Jose Mourinho would cause a stir both on and off the pitch.

He’s still a very young guy with a huge competitive streak and with an international job meaning huge spells with literally no coaching or managing to do, I can’t see him accepting the job even if it is offered.  But for their own respectability the FA should at least ask the question of him. 

If he turns it down then there’s no harm done, but if they don’t ask and he later insists he would have taken it then the media will have a field day.