I’m a fan of Aberdeen FC when it comes to football, but in European competitions I will gladly support any Scottish team which is playing as their success is going for Scottish football as a whole.

This is easy for me as a fan of a non-Old Firm side, Rangers fans can find it hard to wish Celtic well and vice versa however.  I find this rather stupid, but there you go.

But I can’t find it in me to support Rangers in their quest to have this weeked’s game against Gretna postponed so that they have more time to prepare for their Champions League game against Lyon next week.  The SPL have bowed to this request and duly cancelled the game, but surely this will only cause them a huge amount of trouble in the future?

Now every time a team has a busy week coming up they will feel aggrieved if one of the games isn’t cancelled.  Celtic had to play at the weekend and play again tonight, so it’s not as if it has happened for everyone so far.

It’s a well-known fact that the more successful a team is then the more games they will have to play as they are obviously going to progress further in cup games therefore competing in more rounds than other teams.  In the past it has been proven to be hard for a team to couple a successful run in European competition with a successful run in their domestic league as well.

Everyone accepted this, so why do Rangers feel they are different?

I honestly don’t know and can’t understand why the SPL agreed with them.