John Collins is the latest name to be linked to the vacant Scotland manager’s job.

Please don’t give it to him!

If any lessons have been learnt from the Alex McLeish saga it’s that young managers with things to prove won’t hang about managing a national side who only get together once every few months.

It’s the ideal job for a more mature person who is perhaps looking at semi-retirement, as they still get the thrill of coaching top players and battling their wits against other top managers but without the day to day grind of managing a side in the SPL or Premiership.

Unfortunately, there are very few of these people around now - I wish Sir Alex really had retired from Manchester United when he said he was going to a couple of years ago as he would have been perfect!

Mind you, I thought it was the perfect job for Walter Smith when he took it as well and even he didn’t want to stick around very long when another job came calling.

It looks like we may have to go with a youngster after all then - perhaps Jose Mourinho now he has turned down England!