Now that Fernando Alonso has decided to rejoin Renault, the attention turns to who is going to be in the second McLaren next year alongside Lewis Hamilton.

It’s the only really decent seat left so I hope that Heikki Kovalainen gets a proper crack at attaining it - surely he is too young to be on the F1 scrapheap already?  I thought that if Renault really wanted Piquet Jnr in a race seat next year then Heikki would at least have been their test driver but it’s not to be.

McLaren are rightly taking their time - with next to no testing going on into the new year they can afford to think things through properly and explore every avenue.

Should they shy away from having two young drivers and go for Pedro de la Rosa instead?  He has done thousands of testing miles so would be a great help to the still relatively inexperienced Hamilton - but then even if he remains a tester he could still give that help.

Personally I’d go for Heikki - he had the worst possible start to his F1 career last season, having a total nightmare race in Australia but he turned it all round and was driving very well towards the end of the season.

So come on Ron, you took a chance on Lewis - take another on Heikki.