January 2008

I read about this on the BBC’s website yesterday and wondered what all the fuss was about - another footballer being banned for driving, so what?

Then I read on, and the sheer craziness of it all made me smile.

Bob Malcom, a Derby County player who was on loan at Queens Park Rangers at the time, was in court after being charged for being asleep in his car - sounds like a strange reason to take someone to court on the face of it, but there’s more.

It’s funny how one day, or even one action can forever define either a place or person in your mind.

And these defining moments are all too often negative.

There’s a current media debate about the Hearts footballer Saulius Mikoliunas for example - you may not have heard of him, but he took an unprovoked tumble in a game against Scotland a few months back which led to his team gaining and scoring a controversial penalty, and has now seemed to have become Public Enemy Number 1.

I spoke about this before, it had to happen really and now it has.

February’s edition of F1 Racing flopped through the door over a week ago - normally a very exciting thing which would make me eager to sit down and read it from cover to cover as soon as possible.

We were heading away last weekend and I had just finished the book I had been reading so the timing was perfect to leave the new book at home and take the magazine instead - but it was Ben Elton’s book I picked up and F1 Racing I left at home.

Every now and again I see stories on the news about people being trapped in places and they give me the collywobbles.

I’ve always thought that being trapped under some fallen building after an earthquake or something similar must be the worst - how terrifyingly awful must it be to be stuck in somewhere totally dark and alone, but worst of all being unable to move?  That must be the worst part - being somewhere really claustrophobic is bad enough but being pinned down must be much, much worse.  Being at least able to move your limbs would ease some of the torture.

Bugatti Veyron gets slapped with a nice parking ticketIs this the first time ever in the history of human beings that a crowd of people have not only gathered to watch a traffic warden issuing a ticket but also cheered and encouraged her to do so?

Personally I agree with her and the crowd, although some commenters elsewhere have insisted that the onlookers are simply jealous of the guy’s ability to afford a car like this.

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