It was a real struggle getting back up for work again today - not helped by the fact that it is bitterly cold outside.

Welcome to 2008!

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here - simply because it’s been a while since I was last at a computer.  The weekend before Christmas was spent in Paris, and the time from Christmas Eve until yesterday was spent at Kirsty’s parents’ house - a lovely time was had by all (I think, or at least I had a lovely time anyway!).

So what has happened since last we spoke?  Well…

  • Kirsty thankfully accepted my marriage proposal in Paris. I had had it planned for a little while and according to other people who have heard the tale, it was a nice and romantic gesture - it’s good that other people are happy with the way it was done, but Kirsty’s opinion is what counts to me and she seemed genuinely surprised and chuffed to bits. Makes me smile whenever I think about it too!We were lucky with the weather and our few days in Paris were cold but bright and sunny which is good for touristy-stuff and all we could have asked for.
  • Visited Disneyland Paris for the third time - and didn’t go on any rides!
  • We went ice skating in Hyde Park, London - I wasn’t keen but Kirsty really wanted to go, so how could I refuse? In the end, I wasn’t as bad as I thought I might have been and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
  • Saw the musical Wicked which was absolutely superb. Hadn’t been to the theatre in ages (and even then I’ve only seen a couple of musicals), but this was the best - even though we didn’t know any of the songs which can be a bit off-putting. Going to see something like Joseph can be good as you can sing along, but the quality of the singing on show in Wicked was the abiding memory rather than the songs themselves. The voice of Kerry Ellis who played Elphaba who becomes the Wicked Witch of The West is simply amazing.
  • Made our second “flight” on the London Eye. Despite being terrified of heights, it strangely doesn’t really bother me being up there for some reason - the weather again was pretty fair (although a little windy) so the views were excellent.
  • Were given a little engagement party by Kirsty’s family before we came home - a lovely gesture which touched us. Along with the gifts we have received, all of which were totally unexpected.
  • Visited the Tutenhamun exhibition at The O2. Have been a fan of all things Egyptian since I was a nipper so found this very interesting - a little disappointed about the lack if the man himself, but there’s plenty of other stuff to see.

And that’s about it I think. While it seems a while since I was last home, the time in between has just flown by - as is always the way when you aren’t at work!

That’s the update over, so now back to the usual drivel!