Around 1,000 motorway miles over the Christmas period have left me with a few questions…

1.  Am I the only person left in the country who doesn’t have a TomTom satnav system stuck to my windscreen?  Driving around at night it becomes clear just how many of these things there are out there on the roads!

2.  Why do people insist on staying in the middle lane?  There are things people do which I don’t agree with, but that I can see might be a good thing from other people’s perspective but I simply can’t think of a good reason to do this.  Even with other people practically driving in their boots, they still won’t pull over into the vacant inside lane which invariably leads to someone pulling in and “undertaking” them - a dangerous activity which could lead to a nasty accident.  If you aren’t overtaking anyone then pull back over!

3.  Do kids these days become bored more easily than in the past?  When I was young I had to content myself with watching the countryside as I was driven about here and there - sometimes if I had company in the back then we would play I-Spy, or maybe attempt to read a book without being sick.  Then as time progressed I was entertained by a personal stereo, but that was about as advanced as it got.  Now I see kids in cars with TV screens in the back, sometimes even hooked up to PlayStations or whatever!  What is wrong with these kids if they can’t be away from TV or their computer games for a couple of hours?  Imagine the bedlam that must ensue in their house if there’s a power cut!

4.  Why does the sight of a Ferrari, Lambo, Aston Martin etc make me go all tingly inside?

5.  When driving at dusk or in fog why is it the drivers of hard to spot cars (ie, black or grey) who are last to turn on their lights?

6.  When it’s raining, the worst part is all the spray that comes up from lorries etc - why haven’t the government invented a road surface which stops this happening?  I would do it myself only I’m a little rusty on my chemistry…

7.  What is wrong with human nature when the natural reaction to seeing an accident is to slow down for a better view, thereby increasing your own chances of being in an accident too?

8.  Why do people buy pink cars?  And how much do they lose come trade-in time?

9.  Why are cars with blacked out windows always badly driven?  Is it because they can’t see out any better than we can see in?

10.  Finally, and most annoyingly of all - why don’t people stay in the correct lane at roundabouts?  No wonder there are accidents when people either get into the wrong lane at the very start and have to cut across in front of other cars, or they try to straightline the roundabout completely leaving a trail of chaos in their wake!