I always thought loyalty was a good thing, but in today’s world it would appear that I’m wrong.

There are some areas in which being loyal doesn’t affect anyone else - so although the divorce rate seems to always be on the up as people seek happiness from a succession of partners rather than choosing one for life, sticking with the one partner yourself doesn’t actually have any negative effect on your life and could do quite the opposite in fact.

In other areas though trying to be loyal is the worst thing that you can do however.

Of course I’m talking about business.  Being a nice quiet customer is what I prefer, but if I stay like that then I will end up losing out big time as the noisy customer who always shouts for a new and better deal will always be the one who ends up with that better bargain.

Mobile phone companies, electricity and gas suppliers, home telephone and broadband companies all look after their prospective customers much better than the people they already have.  They assume that if you already use their service then you are likely to carry on using their service as switching is a hassle - so instead they concentrate on offering attractive deals to users of other companies in order to attract them over.

Once they have signed up however the enticing introductory offer will soon run out and they will be in the same predicament as you.

Unless they are smart enough to be disloyal again, and switch to yet another supplier.

Is this really the message we should be promoting, that sticking with what you have is a bad thing?  That if you have someone who depends on you then you should simply ignore and exploit them whilst trying to woo someone else?

Personally I think not, but then again money talks loudest to big business, not ethics or morals.