Was considering the purchase of a Garmin Forerunner 305, a sports watch which measures heart rate and also supplies a host of other information on your running performance from it’s GPS capabilities.

I was all excited about getting this new shiny toy, however I’m a bit concerned now about what it’s performance would be in my area.

Having read as many reviews as I can find, several commenters seem to have had problems in wooded areas and in cloudy conditions - I live in Scotland where both of these features are prevalent!

I have had a handheld Garmin GPS unit which I used when hillwalking and I never had any problems with it finding satellite signals so I think I’m going to trust to luck and hope for the best.

The 305 is coming to the end of it’s product cycle, with the 405 due out in a couple of months or so. UK pricing has yet to be announced though and I dare say it will be a lot higher than the £130.00 you can find the 305 for at at the moment. Looking at the specs, there’s not much on the 405 that doesn’t feature on the 305 anyway - albeit that the 405 is a little more handsome and compact.

After the hardware, comes the choice of which software to use with it to analyse my running performance. The unit comes with Garmin’s Training Center software however several users seem to prefer their online service MotionBased.

Yet others champion the freeware software, SportTracks which to me looks pretty cool - especially as it’s software written simply out of the kindness of other people’s hearts.

It’s hard to compare the software without the hardware however, so I guess I’ll need to wait and see if I take the plunge and buy the 305.