Next week is going to be an interesting one for Apple fans as it sees the start of the MacWorld 2008 Expo, which opens with a Keynote address by head honcho Steve Jobs.

Whenever Steve puts in an appearance you know there’s big news a’coming - new iPods, the iPhone, etc - so the rumour mill starts churning out all sorts wishlists.

Given that the iMac was updated relatively recently the news is unlikely to focus on that model line, although there may be minor revisions but nothing major seems likely.  The iPods were the subject of his last big announcement so again they are unlikely to feature this time around - and neither is the iPhone as it hasn’t been out very long, with an update there likely to anger the early adopters even more than the relatively quick pricecut.

So that leaves the MacPro range and their MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop ranges.  In a surprise move, to me at least, Apple actually announced updates to the MacPro range yesterday - a week ahead of MacWorld 2008.  Apparently this happened the last time the MacPro was updated as well so perhaps it’s not so surprising after all, but I’m a relatively new Apple fan so I wasn’t aware of it!

It would appear then that next week will see updates to the laptop ranges with speculation rife that a totally new model will be launched, something very small and light - perfect for cummuters who need to lug their computer with them everywhere. Given the launch of Intel’s new processors it may even be that the entire range is given a slight revamp to incorporate the new internal processing power available.

There are several supposed spyshots and mockups on the internet, but none of them look very convincing it has to be said so noone can say for sure whether these rumours are true.

Personally I’m hoping the news isn’t overly exciting or I’ll be even more tempted to go scraping through the piggy bank looking for pennies!