It’s a bit like the old dilemna about whether a tree that falls in a forest with noone around to hear it, still makes a noise when it lands - but if Britney Spears wasn’t constantly surrounded by cameras and journalists would her life still be in the mess that it seems to be at the moment?

I think it’s hard to argue that it would.

Unlike some people, like Pete Doherty, who would appear to have brought his problems with him into public life, Britney’s have all landed fairly recently.

Admittedly her choice in men, etc may not have been influenced by being in the glare of the media spotlight, but being followed constantly must really wear you down - as if having young children wasn’t hard enough!

Knowing that every decision you make, right or wrong, but especially wrong, is going to make it into magazines the world over must really play with your mind and affect not only your way of life but also your quality of life.

There seems to be various levels of celebrity, but I would imagine people don’t really have a choice in what level they achieve - in many ways it’s up to the public to decide that.  The more popular and therefore the higher up the person, the more messed up they seem to get though - people like Michael Jackson, Prince and Britney would be cases in point.  Being in the newspapers day after day, with stories which are probably not even based in fact must be a real pain.

Some people choose to live like that, in fact they strive for it - perhaps without fully knowing exactly what it is like to live in the goldfish bowl that is celebrity life.

So am I blaming the media 100% for the downfall of not only Britney but several other high profile “stars”?

Well, yes and no.

Firstly the celebrity themselves would have to take at least part of the blame, everything that happens in your life can’t be totally the fault of other people as we all have choices to make, and secondly if we the public didn’t lust for the latest news on celebrities’ private lives then the magazines and newspapers wouldn’t send people out to camp on these stars’ doorsteps.

It’s a vicious cycle - newspapers and magazines will print what people want to read, and people will read and become interested in what is splashed over their magazines.

As I thought with the packaging dilemna, it may be that until some form of legal action is taken to force these publications into altering their approach then no changes will take place.

I still can’t help but think that stars like Britney won’t get any better until they are left alone to live their private life in private as it should be.