Given the number of e-mails and text messages read out by the presenters on GMTV in the morning, I assumed that their viewers were a critical bunch always ready, eager and poised to write in for any reason at all.

But on today’s showing perhaps not.

During the weather forecast at 7.30am, a graphic was displayed to indicate that a certain area of the country would be affected by high winds - that area was highlighted in red and had “12am” written on it.  The weathergirl, Clare Nasir, then helpfully said the winds should die down around about lunchtime.

12am - lunchtime?  Not when I was at school it wasn’t - 12am was midnight, 12pm was lunchtime.

Now, even if the viewers didn’t spot that mistake or feel it worth a mention, shouldn’t a director or some other member of the production crew have pointed it out?

It would appear not as the same graphic (and script) was used during the 8am forecast so do they in fact think this is right?  And if so, are they?  Personally I don’t think so, but from Wikipedia it would appear that there is a lot of confusion about this subject…