…not likely!

Or at least, not yet - if he has any sense.

This weekend’s fixture list has thrown up a chance for Newcastle United to learn a lesson.  On Saturday they face Manchester United, a team who have stuck by Sir Alex Ferguson for 22 years - a feat which is pretty much unprecedented.  I read somewhere that in that time Newcastle had gone through 10 managers which is simply ridiculous!

Sir Alex didn’t have a lot of success from the off at Manchester United but they stuck by him and it has paid off big style.

I’m not sure who it is that has to take a deep breath and invest in some patience at Newcastle - the fans, the chairman, the committee?  Or more likely everyone.

I think it seems inevitable that Alan Shearer will return to the club as manager or coach one day, but this isn’t his time - to take on the challenge now would ruin his reputation.  The club is in no state to be up there with a realistic chance of winning the league and is unlikely to even win a cup in the near future, so although there would be an initial honeymoon period, the fans would likely lose patience with Shearer just as quick as they would with anyone else.

He has an excellent rapport with the fans, and in the right circumstances a few years from now a return as manager which brings the club success can only build on this.

Let’s just hope the club can get there in Shearer’s lifetime!