MacWorld 2008 bannerAll the speculation is reaching fever pitch and the number of rumours concerning what will be unveiled at MacWorld 2008 tomorrow is getting so out of hand that whatever is actually unveiled will end up being a bit of a disappointment as some of the things being touted are simply not going to happen.

Since shots like this one were released onto the web every Apple fanboy has been racking his brains trying to figure out what the message can mean.  This banner has been hoisted at the Moscone Center, the location of MacWorld 2008, so whatever the intriguing line refers to must be the new release Steve Jobs is going to release to the masses during his Keynote speech tomorrow morning.

As the original rumours were that he would announce a lightweight laptop, this banner has instigated claims that the laptop will be called the MacBook Air, or the MacBook Pro Air depending on the specs.

Personally I can’t see this happening - would Apple seriously consider handing something which is meant to be the last word in coolness a name like that?  I don’t think so.

Admittedly the names Nano and Mini aren’t overly exciting, but Air is associated with the Nike Air shoes for a start so it’s a no-go in my opinion.

More than likely it will be a reference to the fact that Apple are intending to offer a download service for movie rentals through iTunes - this may in fact be the entirety of the announcement, which would now be a major disappointment after all the speculation!

Hopefully it isn’t and instead there will be a new product unveiled - or an update to the sadly neglected Apple TV at least - which will basically be your home media hub, where all your music, podcasts, videos etc are stored and available to play on any hardware in your home (iPod Touch, iMac, etc) either wirelessly (through the air…) or by cable (onto your attached TV).

This would be a reasonably good step forward in my opinion, and would explain the banners.  I think it unlikely that Apple would have raised the banners if the tagline was a simple unveiling of the new product’s name - Steve isn’t that straight forward!

Not long to go until he puts us out of our misery once and for all (until his next Keynote speech anyway) - let’s hope it’s not a let down!