I was thinking more about this having read numerous posts riddled with speculation.

While it would appear everyone is in agreement that there will be a new MacBook called the MacBook Air, I’m still not convinced!

I just don’t think they would have used the product’s name in the teaser promo, and if they did I would have expected them to capitalise it to read “Air” rather than just “air” - but perhaps I’m wrong, it’s happened before!

The picture Apple have chosen to use on the banners is of the upper portion of their logo, focussing mainly on the stalk and leaf at the top of the apple.

The leaf isn’t actually connected to the apple, so literally the thing which is in the air is the leaf - perhaps therein lies the clue to the name of the new laptop?

In a way, a laptop opens up like a leaf - especially if it has a teardrop shaped profile as has been rumoured lately.

My money is still on something less literal - the new iTunes services, movie rentals etc which will hopefully be housed on a new media server which will connect to any and every appliance in the home to keep all your media in the one place but accessible to all.

Perhaps I’ve been thinking about this too long, and I bet Steve Jobs etc are having a right giggle at all the ideas floating around - but are pleased as punch at the amount of publicity it’s creating!

Not long now until showtime…