Oops-a-daisy, seems the MacBook Air was indeed a reality!

Yes, it’s light and thin and shiny and all things good - but it just doesn’t appeal to me.  I think I might be ill, it’s the first gadget to ever become available that I haven’t instantly wanted and thought I needed!

I can see the point for people who have to carry a laptop with them everywhere, as the lightness and thinness will surely win them over - but the fact the screen is still reasonably large (certainly a lot larger than the pre-Keynote rumours had us believe) means it’s no easier to operate on a packed train or bus.

But no matter, they will sell like hotcakes no doubt and be another winner for Mr Jobs and his cronies.

Personally, the iTunes updates to allow movie rentals and also the Apple TV updates were what interested me most.  Of all the things on offer, including the software updates for iPhone and iPod Touch, the newest piece of kit I’d actually be interested in purchasing is the Apple TV.

I didn’t know a great deal about what this box actually did before yesterday to be honest, but what Steve Jobs announced seems to be a fairly major upgrade - and to think all this can be done to any existing box by a simple software download is pretty cool.  Not only a simple software download, but a free software download at that - groovy!

Of course, the iMac is still the ultimate object of desire though…