The idea that once you are dead, the government can basically do what it wants with your body is one which will obviously upset a lot of people.

Personally, my beliefs allow me to think that once you are dead you won’t really care much what happens so they should be allowed to take certain organs if it is going to give someone else a chance to survive.  Other people hold different beliefs though, and that’s where the arguments start.

Having been at the Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 a few weeks ago, it’s clear from the items on display just how much faith the Egyptians had that there was an afterlife and that in order to be ready for it you had to be buried armed with everything you would need.  For some high ranking individuals this even meant your horses and slaves would be sacrificed as well just so that they could be buried with you at the time of your death and serve you in a later life.

Nowadays we see all this and wonder how people could believe such things, but times change and no doubt in a few hundred years people will look back at our time and think we were a bunch of fools for thinking and behaving as we do now.

What troubles me most about the whole organ donor thing though is the future of horror movies.  They just aren’t going to be the same if the zombies have most of their internal organs and their eyes missing, while the rest of their useless insides are neatly stowed in their stomach cavity in a small plastic bag, like giblets in a turkey at Christmas…