At last!

My mobile phone contract is due for renewal at the end of this month so I decided to have a look around for a better deal - loyalty doesn’t pay remember.

I’ve been with O2 for years now and I decided that I was going to find the best deal I could and then offer them the chance to match it or I was off to pastures new.

Having checked my old bills, I text a lot more than I talk - in fact some months (most months in fact) I don’t use any free minutes at all, so I was looking for a package with mainly free texts.

Vodafone had a deal which offered 500 minutes and unlimited texts for £35.00 per month - and also a free Sony Ericsson K850i which is the phone I was after.

According to O2’s website, they also did a package at £35.00 with a free K850i which included 600 minutes and 1,000 texts.  So the main difference was down to whether I really needed unlimted texts or whether 1,000 would do me per month.  Considering I sent 247 last month, which included Christmas, New Year and our engagement, I reckoned I could just about manage with 1,000.

But this information all hinged on the fact I was a new customer to O2 which I’m not, so I phoned their Upgrade Hotline with some trepidation assuming that such a deal wouldn’t be offered to an existing customer.  Any time I’ve called in the past the handset I’ve wanted has always incurred a charge, but this time I was adamant I wouldn’t be paying a penny for it.

The woman was pretty helpful, and checked my last bills before announcing that rather than the £35.00 tariff I was proposing I would actually be better off taking the £30.00 rate which included the same 1,000 texts but only 400 minutes - still more than enough for me - and I would still get the phone for free.

Wow - someone employed by a major company who actually wants to be a help and save a customer some money, wonders will never cease!