I was reading on leyton.org about a 10k run in Glasgow which has been announced for June this year.

It seems a while away, but no doubt it will soon be here - which has made me have second thoughts on whether to enter or not.

Running a 10k race was one of my goals for the year, so when I first read about this one, my initial reaction was to get signed up - then I started to think about how “unready” I am to be doing anything like that distance.

The run is in aid of men’s health charities so the entry fee alone will go towards doing some good, even if nearer the time I decided against actually taking part - though if I did actually enter then I’m sure that would be motivation enough to see the thing through.

At the moment there’s no way I could run 10k in any sort of respectable time, but then again June is four or five months away…

I think I’ve managed to talk myself into it!