There are two kinds of books, those which pick me up by the scruff of the neck and drag me into the narrative right from the first chapter, the first page, the first line - and there are those which it’s a real struggle to get into for one reason or another.

Having read a few other Ben Elton books, I expected Blind Faith to follow the former route, but I actually found it really hard to get into for one reason or another.

The book is set in the future, which is perhaps not immediately apparent - although it may have been detailed in the blurb on the back as I rarely read these (I find it tends to spoil the story somewhat!) - and the characters names are a little unusual, the leads are called Trafford and Chantorria.

Once the story gets going, I found that it was actually a fairly entertaining journey although I did pretty much second guess where it was going to end up.

I read the book over the weekend, and normally the ones I read in such a short space of time are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most as it’s obviously a lot easier to remember the whole plotline than if I’ve taken months to read a book, having managed to only sneak in a couple of chapters a week!

But by the end of Blind Faith I felt a bit underwhelmed.

Whether this was my fault or the author’s I can’t say for sure.  Perhaps I had unintended preconceptions of what the book would offer and it failed to deliver them, which puts the blame more on me than Ben Elton.

I can’t help feeling though that this is one of his lesser efforts, certainly compared to his last novel Chart Throb which I enjoyed enormously.

Let’s hope he gets back on form with his next book!