Excuse me for a minute, I just need to work my way through a problem - writing things down is meant to help order them in your mind apparently and find the best solution.

The problem is that we currently have a 27″ LCD Samsung flatscreen telly which is fine for use in the bedroom or as a second TV in another room but not much cop as the main telly in the lounge.  Therefore we’d like a new one for when we move into the new house (that we’ve had for 7 months and are yet to move into…).

Sounds simple, but as usual there are complications to contend with!

When looking around for a new TV, I’ve found that there are literally hundreds of different models and it’s hard sometimes to know why one is more expensive than the other - are all these features necessary?  Of course when I finally found one I liked, it also turned out to be crazily expensive - so back to the drawing board.

But once you have decided you want something, then looking at “inferior” products is always a let down.

Also no matter which TV you investigate you will always find people writing on blogs, forums and the like who have had problems with that model and don’t recommend anyone else buys it - which dents your confidence somewhat!

The living room in the house is in need of redecoration before we move in which is why I’m keen to get a TV now rather than waiting until later on to sort it out - ideally it will be wall mounted and we will have a surround sound system so now is the best time to do these things in order to hide cables behind the walls, etc.

Due to the cost of the TV I wanted and the fact that we should probably be spending the money elsewhere, is it a better idea to just buy a home cinema kit at the moment (ie, just the speakers and either an amplifier or suitable DVD player) so that all those wires can be hidden, and then buy a TV later on?

I’m not so sure, as the Samsung has limited input connections (no HDMI slots for example) which may make connecting things to it a bit of a nightmare - we would be looking to connect the PS3, Wii, Sky and the sound system as well which may not be possible (at the moment only the PS3, Sky and a DVD player are connected).

The other option is to buy a cheaper flatscreen TV than the one I really wanted - but would I see it as a waste of money, and not be happy with it having seen the more expensive one in action?  It may be a wise move though, then in a year or two this TV could be used in another room to make way for the better one in the lounge - but in that case should we only go for a 32″ just now rather than a 40″ as that will probably be too big for a bedroom?

In fact, will a 40″ be too big even for the living room?

It’s just all so confusing - writing all this down hasn’t really helped I must say, if anything it’s only brought up more questions instead of answers!