Bugatti Veyron gets slapped with a nice parking ticketIs this the first time ever in the history of human beings that a crowd of people have not only gathered to watch a traffic warden issuing a ticket but also cheered and encouraged her to do so?

Personally I agree with her and the crowd, although some commenters elsewhere have insisted that the onlookers are simply jealous of the guy’s ability to afford a car like this.

I disagree (well, I maybe agree a tiny bit…) as there have been a few stories in the papers over the last few weeks about rich people buying cars which are either too heavy or too low to be towed or lifted away deliberately so they can park them wherever they like.  Rather than suffer the indignity of sharing a carpark with other people they park at the side of the street, in handicap parking spaces or basically wherever they like in the knowledge that they can afford to pay a £30 or £60 fine.

It would appear from the crowd in the above shot that I’m not the only one who finds this a disgusting way to live your life.