I like Ikea - after all what is there not to like?

Good looking and seemingly good quality furniture and other bits and bobs all at very reasonable prices - very, very reasonable in fact in most cases.

We made a visit to Ikea in Glasgow at the weekend to have a quick squint at furniture for our house - the house isn’t quite ready to accept furniture though so no chance of any purchases at this particular moment in time, just wanted a quick look around to get some ideas.

Some of the furniture is obviously more expensive than others but even the cheaper stuff seems to have been made to a reasonable standard which makes me wonder how there can be such a price differential between Ikea and other furniture stores.  What gets me every time though is how cheap things are when you head downstairs to the kitchenware, candles, rugs, etc.

The one thing I don’t like?  It’s not that you have to build everything yourself (if I’m left alone in peace, I actually enjoy that part!), it’s the fact that you have to bring everything home yourself.

Okay, they have started to implement a delivery system but this will no doubt take a long while to become available in this area - if it ever does.

It’s okay if whatever you want is relatively small - or if you happen to own a van of course - but we are probably going to be purchasing some wardrobes and perhaps a bed, all of which are going to be far too big to fit in our car.  Which is a bit of a bind.

Perhaps the bed’s legs will come fitted with castors so we could build it up in the carpark and take turns to push each other the 80-odd miles back down the road!