I read about this on the BBC’s website yesterday and wondered what all the fuss was about - another footballer being banned for driving, so what?

Then I read on, and the sheer craziness of it all made me smile.

Bob Malcom, a Derby County player who was on loan at Queens Park Rangers at the time, was in court after being charged for being asleep in his car - sounds like a strange reason to take someone to court on the face of it, but there’s more.

Apparently he had been drinking and although the police found him to be twice over the limit, there were claims that their equipment was faulty so any drink driving charge had to be dropped.

So what was left - just a claim that he was asleep in his car shouldn’t be enough for a court case and subsequent driving ban surely?

Well apparently it is in this case as Mr Malcolm was actually found asleep at the wheel of his car which was nicely parked in the middle lane of the M1 at the time!

What an idiot - he’s incredibly lucky that he didn’t cause an accident and was up in court on charges of manslaughter or something.