It’s funny how one day, or even one action can forever define either a place or person in your mind.

And these defining moments are all too often negative.

There’s a current media debate about the Hearts footballer Saulius Mikoliunas for example - you may not have heard of him, but he took an unprovoked tumble in a game against Scotland a few months back which led to his team gaining and scoring a controversial penalty, and has now seemed to have become Public Enemy Number 1.

I thought this had all passed by and everything was okay now, but apparently he was brought down again at the weekend in a game for Hearts against Aberdeen - and this time the referee didn’t believe he was fouled (even though TV evidence seemed to show he was this time).

This seems to be a case of prior actions influencing a ref’s decision - which isn’t necessarily fair, but to my mind it’s understandable that the referee thinks like that.

It’s happened with other sportsmen in the past and will continue well into the future - other people who are known to have cheated are much less likely to get the benefit of the doubt in upcoming games.

Once people have a set image of a person in their heads it can be hard to shift it.  For example someone like Gary Lineker is seen as a goody-goody type of character having played his entire football career and not earned so much as one yellow card - even supposing he went out now and did something really silly like drink driving or the like then to many he would still retain that squeaky clean image.

One person who has turned things around is Christiano Ronaldo.  When he first signed for Manchester United he gained a reputation for going down very easily when tackled - so much so in fact that referees failed to award freekicks even when he was clearly fouled.

Now he is a much more honest player and therefore the referees have no option but to accept that when he does go down he genuinely has been fouled - of course there will no doubt still be times when he manages to con the ref, but they all do that from time to time!

It’s not confined to sport though, nor is it always a negative defining moment - songs in particular can really bring back memories of a person, time or place.  I heard This Is How It Feels by Inspiral Carpets on the radio the other day and it brought me in mind of my first trip to Paris about 15 years ago - I bought their album on cassette and then left it lying on the parcel shelf of the car only for it to melt ever so slightly in the sun.  Oops!

It’s funny how the mind works, and I don’t think we will ever gain a full understanding of it - instead we can only marvel at it.