February 2008

…is it the action or the result?

Every day thousands if not millions of us will drive around blatently breaking the law by driving too fast, or not paying enough attention, or are over the drink-drive limit or whatever, yet nothing happens on those journeys so we in effect get away with it.

Does that mean what we are doing isn’t bad?

Every night on the news we hear of people who have done something similar to the above scenarios, but who weren’t so lucky and something bad has resulted from their actions - in the case of driving a car too fast it usually ends up with an accident of one sort or another in which someone (often not even the guilty driver) is injured or even killed.

Most people like to think they are getting a bargain when they buy something and I’m no different.

Whether you are in the market for a new car, mobile phone contract, car insurance or whatever if you feel you have managed to either find the shop with the lowest price or even managed to haggle some discount then you will walk away happy with your purchase.

The commonest place to find deals these days seems to be in the supermarket where we are bombarded with signs informing us of discounts on certain goods or other products which are available on a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deal or something similar.

For the past few years The Stig has featured as the resident fast driver on BBC 2’s Top Gear programme, and as he is always referred to by this name and always wears his racing suit and helmet with darkened visor, noone knows for sure who he is.

Because of this there has been wild speculation about his identity and seemingly every famous and fast driver has been linked to the role - everyone from Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton to Richard Hammond.

Everybody who watches sport likes to think they could do a better job than the manager of whichever team they support, be it football, Formula 1, rugby, cricket or whatever.

In the past, I’ve had an attempt at fantasy football but never ventured into the fantasy F1 realm before.

Sidepodcast have posted about this subject though which has prompted me to give it a go this year.  They have set up a league on www.fantasyracers.com where anyone can register a team and then join their league (see Sidepodcast’s post here for details of how to join their league) which I’ve duly done.

When you are famous, various brands must see you as a walking talking advertising machine - footballers get handed sackloads of cash to wear the latest fancy coloured boots from Nike, adidas and the rest, while actors and singers are pursued to promote a multitude of products in adverts on TV and in print.

It must be hard to turn down a large pile of cash for what will probably be very little work, but some people go way overboard and spread themselves around too many products which has the negative effect of ensuring noone knows which product is being advertised when they see him.

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