This man never fails to amaze and surprise!

Normally he explains whatever it is he has done at the end of his shows, but it stills takes a little bit of understanding though with this it was like a switch was flicked as everything clicked into place.

The basic premise was that we followed the life of Kadesha, a woman who had been given tips by Derren (although she didn’t know who they were from at the time) on which horse would win a succession of races.

The first tip was a confidence booster and she wasn’t to actually put any money on - it was designed to gain her trust and show that the system worked.

The second time she was asked to actually place money on a horse which her anonymous tipster had recommended - and of course this won.  After this she was sent a video camera to record her story as they had now owned up to this being made into a documentary although she was still unaware of Derren’s involvement.

The upshot was that he gave her the winners in four straight races and then invited her to actually go to a race meeting where she was to place a bet on a horse of his choosing before she would finally get to meet the tipster.

Sure enough her horse won, despite it trailing for large parts of the race and was practically gifted the win by the first two horses falling right at the end!

Derren then met her and invited her to one more race - this would be the last time he would give her a horse to bet on, but he promised he would explain the system and she was welcome to use it in the future.  Since this was to be his last involvement, he encouraged her to get together as much money as possible so that the sum she won would be genuinely lifechanging.

She managed to borrow £1,000 from her dad and £3,000 from a loan company - if this went wrong then it was going to be the biggest mistake she had ever made!

After placing her £4,000 bet for her Derren explained the system which didn’t make her feel any less nervous as he confessed it was all pretty much a con.

Since the start, we had only seen her story which offered success after success, but in actual fact Derren had been in contact with almost 8,000 people since the first race.

There were 6 horses in that race so the 8,000 were split into six groups and each group was given a different horse to back.  The group of people who backed the winner were then split into six groups again for the next race and so on until there were only six people left.

The others who had had a losing prediction were sent e-mails saying there must have been a glitch in the system and apoligising for the trouble - they were also reimbursed any money they had lost when betting on the supplied horses.

With the six who were left, they were all invited to the racecourse where the eventual winner was to meet Derren.  He had no idea who was going to win, and the horses falling at the final fence only added to the drama which made him look like a weird genius (everything he does makes him look this way actually!).

The other five who lost received apologies and would only find out the truth behind it all with the airing of this programme.

Kadesha was understandably nervous about the upcoming race which had her borrowed £4,000 riding on it.  And she was right to be nervous as the favourite, and Derren’s choice, limped home in fourth place - but thankfully Derren hadn’t put the money it after all, he had put it on the eventual winner.

So does he have a system after all but wanted to keep it to himself?  I don’t think so, I think the changing of the bet was a lucky break - or perhaps he bet on all 6 horses just to be sure she would win something!

One things for sure, the bookies will have been uneasy in the leadup to this programme but they would have slept soundly in their beds on Friday night safe in the knowledge that they are the only longterm winners when it comes to gambling on the horses.