I would imagine the idea for this came about following on the apparent success of the NFL American Football game which was held this year at the new Wembley Stadium in London and seems certain to come back year after year.

American football isn’t very popular here, or in the rest of Europe, despite the introduction of a European competition a few years ago so I could see the point in bringing the game to create interest but is football in the same position?

No matter where you seem to go in the world, you can see kids with a ball kicking it about so everyone seems at least aware of the sport even if they don’t get to see the top class players plying their trade in the flesh week in, week out.

A typical top league match ticket can cost you anything from £20 upwards - if you include the cost of travel and promotion in theory the tickets for games abroad should be even higher to include this, so who would be able to afford them?  Certainly not the kids playing football in the street and the stadiums would end up being full of corporate suits who wouldn’t really be there for the sport in the first place.  To reduce the prices for these games would mean an increase in ticket prices here to subsidise these costs, but fans here are unlikely to accept that willingly given that prices are high enough as it is.

The biggest game played each year is the FA Cup Final which comes at the end of the season and each year when this match turns out to be totally unworthy of the preceding hype everyone blames it on the season being too long, the players being tired after so many games.  So why do they want to add even more games, who is going to win in all this?

The only people I can think are the FA themselves - they already wring a huge amount of cash from Sky, Setanta and the BBC for coverage in this country so now I assume they are after more money from other TV companies around the world.

I can see how the chance to see Manchester United playing Liverpool for example would be a big draw and a showcase for the Premiership abroad, but the fans of these clubs back home aren’t going to be chuffed if they are denied the chance to see that match.  Also, the suggestion is that there would be a draw to see who played who and where, so what happened if the big game of the year turned out to be Reading against Wigan in New York - how many New Yorkers would be rushing out to buy tickets for that?

I always thought pre-season was when teams should be off on their travels raking in a fortune from trips to America, Japan etc and not during the season itself - perhaps the FA are a bit miffed that the clubs are able to keep all that money earned then to themselves and want a piece of the action.

At the end of the day it should be up to the clubs themselves to decide whether this gets the green light and it doesn’t do any good for this to be made public at this stage - an announcement should have been made only if they had decided to go ahead with the proposals and it doesn’t seem they are at that stage yet.

Personally I fail to see what there is to gain from it.