…is the weather.

No, I’ve not gone crazy - I really think it’s the truth!  At least in the south where I live anyway, up north it can get a bit hairy at times.

The perception is that it rains here 24/7, which simply isn’t the case - we probably do have quite a high percentage of days where it is raining, but by no means is it every day!

Everybody is different, but personally I would hate it if I got up every day  knowing it was going to be roasting hot and sunny.  Scotland may have rubbish weather sometimes, but it only serves to make you appreciate the nice sunny days all the more.

Having the weather associated with the different seasons is the best bit - it’s cold and frosty in the mornings at the moment, then sunny during the day as Spring should be.  In a few months the days will be longer and filled with (mainly) warm sunshine as Summer hits us, before Autumn creeps in with it’s winds stripping the leaves from the trees ahead of the cold, dark days of Winter.

As far as the weather goes, there’s nothing anyone can do to change it so I don’t understand people who moan about it all the time - if it’s raining, it’s raining and no amount of moaning will change it!  The only time the weather can be a bit of a pain is when there’s a combination of different things - rain is okay on it’s own but combined with a strong wind it can be really unpleasant, or hail and wind is even worse!

So the people in California can keep their year-round sunshine, and the folks in Alaska can keep their year-round snow - I’ll stick with the place and weather I like best.