For the past few years The Stig has featured as the resident fast driver on BBC 2’s Top Gear programme, and as he is always referred to by this name and always wears his racing suit and helmet with darkened visor, noone knows for sure who he is.

Because of this there has been wild speculation about his identity and seemingly every famous and fast driver has been linked to the role - everyone from Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton to Richard Hammond.

Obviously the production team behind the show know who he is, and the celebrity guests who appear on the show will know who he really is too so if it really was a household name such as Hill, Hamilton or Hammond then I’m sure it would have leaked out by now.  So I think it’s fair to assume that it’s not any of them.

It seems to be human nature that we always need to dispell any kind of mystery and seek out the answers - which is normally a good thing, but I think in cases like this it’s probably best to be kept in the dark.

This isn’t the first guy to appear as The Stig - the last person who had his identity revealed ended up being “killed off” and replaced by the current one, so presumably if this one is found out then he will suffer the same fate.

And that would be a shame, as he seems to be a genuinely brilliant driver with excellent car control - certainly a lot better than any of the regular presenters of the programme and this only adds to the show.

This week we have taken the biggest step to finding out who The Stig is when a photographer managed to get a peek through his darkened visor, in fact it’s such a good photograph that his identity is all but certain.

If this marks the end of this Stig then I think that’ll be a shame, but in the end we only have ourselves to blame…