Most people like to think they are getting a bargain when they buy something and I’m no different.

Whether you are in the market for a new car, mobile phone contract, car insurance or whatever if you feel you have managed to either find the shop with the lowest price or even managed to haggle some discount then you will walk away happy with your purchase.

The commonest place to find deals these days seems to be in the supermarket where we are bombarded with signs informing us of discounts on certain goods or other products which are available on a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deal or something similar.

I’ve got nothing against these offers, in fact I think they’re often very good value for money - but only if you actually need the items on offer!

All too often the things on offer have a short shelflife so to take two or more only ends up in either some being wasted or in eating that thing to excess - which maybe feels good but perhaps isn’t so good healthwise.

A good example of this, and the real reason I am writing this post, is that we recently happened to be in Krispy Kremes at the Bluewater Shopping Centre where you can buy the most delicious doughnuts known to man.  Now no matter how good these taste, I know they aren’t particularly good for me so I shouldn’t be eating very many - and thankfully there are no shops near me that sell them! - but their pricing structure does everything possible to entice and encourage you to buy as many as you can.

A single doughnut is £1.10, which is pretty expensive for something that doesn’t take 30 seconds to eat - yet a dozen is £7.45.  Again that seems perhaps a little expensive, but it works out at around 62p each - almost half the price of buying a dozen individually.

Say you are buying doughnuts for six people, to have one each would cost you £6.60 but to buy a dozen and allow them two each is £7.45 or 85p more expensive.  The way we have been brought up would encourage us to take advantage of this amazing offer - twice as many products for less than a pound extra is almost as good as a BOGOF offer.

Healthwise perhaps each person having two doughnuts instead of one isn’t a big deal if it’s not happening on a regular basis, but what happens if you are only buying for three people who each want two doughnuts instead of just one?

The three people would again need six doughnuts in order to have two each, which equates to the same scenario as the one above except they would end up eating four each which is excessive no matter how irregularly it happens!

The fact that the doughnuts taste so good is temptation enough to lure you into buying too many for your health’s sake without Krispy Kreme also tempting you with a grossly unfair pricing structure too.

Not that I want to single them out in particular, it’s just that it was their prices which brought this to my mind - supermarkets should try their best to ensure that the majority of their offers are on healthier options such as fresh fruit and vegetables to try to help stop the country’s decline healthwise.