March 2008

I meant to post about this earlier, but the weekend seemed to pass by in a flash what with other things going on and I just didn’t seem to find the time.

British Airways have had some horrific press coverage lately with the opening of their Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport going less than swimmingly. Flights seem to be getting cancelled here, there and everywhere and bags are either being taken to the wrong places or not taken anywhere at all.

I’ve not been on a plane for a few months now, but the one thing I always liked about flying was that you knew you were pretty much guaranteed an hour or two (or three or four) of peace and quiet.

Admittedly there are sometimes rowdy passengers or kids or whatever, but on the whole it’s a nice quiet place to be - apart from those annoying announcements the cabin crew are forced to do over the loudspeaker, which can get a bit annoying.

But once I’m buckled in, iPod on and book opened then I’m a happy camper until it gets to landing time and everything has to be packed away.

Imagine someone asks you to draw a racing car, just gives you a blank piece of paper and a pencil - what would be the first thing you’d draw?

Me, I’d probably start at the nose and do a nice sweeping line back then a little dip to symbolise the cockpit (they have raised sides now, but I’m kinda old fashioned!), before rising up to the airbox and then sloping back down over the engine cover to the rear wing.  That wing would be next before adding in the wheels and a line along the floor of the car.

Two races in and it’s hard to really assess how this season is going to pan out given that the two races have led to six different people on the podium, but already there are some clear winners and losers among the teams.

This is how I think the teams have faired in the season openers:

Ferrari :  Last year’s champions, but they are going to struggle to retain the title if they carry on as they are.  Uncharacteristic mechanical failures have resulted in a lot of the drivers’ time being spent off the track.  The drivers haven’t covered themselves in glory either, with both falling off the track in Melbourne before Massa repeated the mistake in Malaysia.

I was quite chuffed to see The Express making a proper apology to the McCanns this week.

Not because I think what they said was wrong - I haven’t got a clue what happened to the little girl, but for The Express to make the accusations they did was taking things too far without any evidence.

It’s not the story that got my attention anyway, or indeed the apology itself, rather it was the manner of the apology.

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