Driving for 7 hours up motorway after motorway gives you plenty of time to think about stuff and realise exactly what it is you like or hate in the world.

Today I decided :

  • Kirsty is most definitely The One, something I already knew but has been reaffirmed lately during our enforced time apart. Not having her with me every day is beginning to take it’s toll, but there’s nothing we can do about it so just have to get on with it.
  • I’m going to try and write a book - can’t be that hard surely?
  • I hate undertakers - not the people who bury you when you die, but people who overtake you on the inside. Why can’t they wait patiently in line with everyone else? People who sit in the middle lane annoy me too, but I still wouldn’t pass them on the inside - that’s even more dangerous than the middle lane hoggers.
  • I love podcasts - practically anything and everything the BBC has to offer gets downloaded to my iPod. It’s funny but I could spend the entire trip to Kent and back listening to these BBC radio shows in their condensed form yet I could rarely find anything I wanted to listen to on the radio “live”! My iPod is getting a bit old and well-used though, nice new iPod Touch wouldn’t go amiss - an extravegence that I won’t succumb to though.
  • I’m indifferent about Amy Winehouse - some days I like her (usually when I’ve heard her version of Valerie) and other days I can’t stand her (usually when she’s splashed all over the papers off her head on a multitude of drugs and who knows what). She’s okay singing-wise but I really can’t understand why she is held in such high regard otherwise.
  • For the country to apparently be in a bit of a state financially, I was amazed at how many 08 registration cars I saw on the road today - they have only been available for the last two days! Everything from a BMW X5 and Audi TT to a caravanette and some Kia or other - some pretty expensive metal. The Audi also had the first 08 private registration I’ve seen as well - “TT08 …” - can’t remember the other letters.
  • I don’t like service stations one bit. Everything there costs about twice the price everywhere else, I don’t know how they get away with it. WIthout actually veering well off the motorway into a town you have no choice but to eat there if you are on a long journey so what can you do? Take a packed lunch if you are sensible…
  • I’d like to see speed cameras through every set of roadworks. It’s hard to tell a person’s occupation just from the car they drive (unless they drive a van with their name and details on it obviously!), but you can make an educated guess with some cars like BMW 3-series or Ford Mondeos - with these you assume the driver spends quite a bit of their working life trawling up and down the road network of the country. These are the people who would suffer most should the road surface deteriorate badly - and would no doubt be the loudest complainers too. There were quite a few stretches of road under repair this weekend, each with the outside lane coned off and a 50mph limit imposed - and which set of drivers ignored this limit and kept their steady 80mph-90mph? No prizes there! Anyone being found guilty of speeding through a stretch of motorway which has workmen on the road should be taken out and made to stand in the same stretch of road to see for themselves what it’s like to have cars whistle past within a few inches at speeds up to 100mph.
  • I fear for the future of the country. I’m no maths expert, and I’d guess most of the country would be in the same category - I’ve not got a clue when it comes to calculus, differentials or the likes and I couldn’t even guess what sin, cos and tan mean any more but as far as the basics go I think most people are okay. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing should be the basics for everyone, but what’s the next step up? Working out things like averages shouldn’t be beyond most people, but then I get mixed up between these, means and medians so perhaps it’s not as simple as all that. There is a point to this (I promise) - average speed cameras. The majority of people don’t seem to know how they work and jump on the brakes every time they see one, no matter what speed they happen to be doing at the time. If you have cruise control then a stretch of road where they have these cameras installed is the ideal place to put it into practice - but not if you have to constantly alter your speed to avoid running into these numpties. These cameras are also installed through some roadworks but it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should.
  • I’ll never understand how people’s minds work. On a stop at a service station I visited the toilets and saw a rather strange sight (this is a clean story honest!) - a youngish man came in as I was heading to the sinks to wash my hands. He caught my eye because he was wearing a short sleeved top and black gloves, an unusual combination in my book but obvioulsy a trendy one. I forgot about him as I washed my hands, then noticed him heading for the sinks as I was at the dryers - he then proceeded to take his gloves off (which he had obviously worn all through his trip to the urinal), washed his hands and then put them back on! Am I alone in finding that strange?!
  • I had a scary experience today - thinking about the future, especially about grown-up things normally makes me feel weird, a bit scared and apprehensive but today that changed for some reason. A trip to Bluewater shopping centre yesterday brought it home to me that it’s not healthy or right that a man of my age has such a longing to buy and play with toys unless they are actually bought for a child. Therefore in order for me to buy and play with these things I should really have a chld to buy them for and for us to play with them together - normally I would have banished this thought to the back of my mind but not today. Hmm, think I may be growing up at last - the power of Lego!