Or is it?

The old saying is that there’s a good book in everyone, it’s just that few seem to take up the challenge of actually putting pen to paper.

I’ve always liked books, and always seem to have one (at least) on the go.  When you see things done well, it invariably makes you think you could do it just as well - whether it’s someone playing a sport, drawing a picture, playing an instrument or whatever.

So for the last couple of years every now and then I’ve said to myself that I could surely give this book writing thing a bash - certainly no harm in trying is there?  Now may be the time to finally start on the thing, all I’m missing is an idea for the story and the time to actually write it!

I tend to look a bit further down the line though and I’m already worrying about things which would happen months from now, if I ever do actually write something.  How do you get the thing published - do you contact an editor, an existing writer or a publisher?

Who knows, for now I’d be better concentrating on some characters and a plot…