This season of Lost has been a cracker so far.

It seems that now the programme makers have a set date for ending they are fairly rattling along with the storyline - hopefully they will have enough action left to fill the remaining episodes!

The worst part is that due to the writer’s strike we won’t be getting all 16 episodes this year, with the season reduced to 13 although the producers have promised to make this up to us at some point.  I doubt that they would increase the length of remaining seasons so perhaps this extra content will come our way before next season starts to act as a build-up - that would be good!

This year we have seen the discovery of a polar bear’s skull in the middle of a desert, and we already know that there was (or are still) polar bears on this tropical island which has been there prison for the last 4 years (in our time, a few months in their time) so where will these beasts turn up next?

Well, it could be Scotland!

According to this report on the BBC’s website a polar bear skull was found in the Highlands in 1927 and what with Lost’s resident Scotsman now an expert in time travelling you never know what storyline could be around the corner…