Jenson ButtonHow long can someone go through life hoping and promising to live up to their expectations?

Jenson Button seems to have been in F1 for years now, and has come a long way since he appeared as a freshfaced youngster full of promise as Britain’s new best hope of being World Champion.

Of course, most of the hype is built up by the media and often the actual sportsman has little control over that side of things, but it is they who suffer if things don’t go according to plan.

However, Jenson has made some strange choices as far as contracts go which have done nothing to endear him to the fans of whichever team he was trying his best to leave at that time.

He is stuck at Honda for the time being at least, and I’m sure he is cursing his luck. This is a huge car manufacturer and had Toyota not been involved in F1, they would be the ones attracting all sorts of bad press for underachieving.

How teams such as Honda and Toyota can fail to make inroads into the F1 scene I’ll never know, and judging by their performances year after year it would appear they are struggling to comprehend it as well.

This year doesn’t bode well for Jenson with his times in testing not looking very promising. It must be so frustrating for him as I believe he really is a good driver - not as good as we were led to believe in the beginning, but then again who is. Lewis Hamilton has ensured the media spotlight has shifted off Button - something he would have wished for a couple of years ago, but I’ve a feeling he is probably missing it a little now!

If this season pans out as is predicted, where does he go from here? Stay at Honda, or move on? If he decides to move on, who would actually want him? There seems to be an endless stream of young talent coming through the ranks as everyone seems keen to be the discoverer of the next big thing so perhaps his F1 career is already winding down even before he is out of his twenties.

It sounds crazy to say that when David Coulthard is continuing to race even though he is a decade older, but despite the difference in hype which has surrounded the two men, I think DC is the better driver.

Of course Jenson could continue a career in motorsport elsewhere - NASCAR perhaps - but F1 will be his primary concern I’m sure. To continue his F1 adventure though, he will have to ensure that any performance which is lacking this year is not from his side and is rather down to the car he has been given. Only then would there be a case for a contract renewal next season, either here at Honda or elsewhere.

This season is lining up to be one to forget for Button and his fans - any points at all will be gratefully received, and lauded as much as a win would be. Honda better hope Force India and Toro Rosso haven’t made any great strides forward or they will be vying for last place with their great rivals Toyota.