Anthony DavidsonHe took his time in getting to F1 - on the track at least, as he spent so many years testing for Honda - so it was good to see him get his chance last year, albeit in a car which was pretty far down the grid.

When you are in that position, where you aren’t challenging for the win or even points, all you can hope for is to be ahead of your teammate - after all then you can really honestly blame the car for your lack of performance.

Unfortunately, last year Ant was rarely in that position as his teammate Takumo Sato outpaced him most weekends. Ant was Mr Reliable though, bringing the car home in 11th place at three races, but is that going to be enough to secure his place on the grid?

I’m not so sure, and together with Jenson and Coulthard, I think he will be spending this season looking over his shoulder at the young guns coming through. At the moment we are spoiled for choice over which British driver to support, but that could all change next year if we are knocked down to having only one driver - then we would know how viewers from other countries feel! I doubt it will come to that so soon though, Button should be safe for a year or two yet if he continues to want it.

The car should be reasonable enough again, if not outstanding, and Ant needs to ensure that he gets the most from it if he wants to be lining up on the grid in 2009. He does have a good relationship with Honda though, so even if he doesn’t make it, I would think he is assured of a return to their testing department at least if not a drive for the manufacturer in another form of motorsport.

What to expect from this season is hard to predict - Sato scored some points for the team last year but whether that will be possible this year again won’t be clear until the season starts and we know where they are at performance-wise.

From Ant’s viewpoint he has to ensure that if there are any points going to come Super Aguri’s way then he is the driver who gets them.