First of all, congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for getting his season off to the perfect start - he not only drove well to win, but was lucky enough that those thought to be his main competitors for the title all stumbled and failed to finish, although Raikkonen did eventually manage to claim a point.

However, Lewis has said a couple of things since his win which strike me as odd.  Firstly he claims this was his best ever victory - which is weird given that he was very rarely under any pressure at all from those behind him, and neither did he actually have to pass anyone.  It’s perhaps his most comfortable win, but I doubt it will live forever in the minds of his fans as being his greatest victory.

He also claimed in the press conference that the car this year is a dream to drive “unlike last year” - what exactly does he mean by that?  I seem to recall last year he thanked the team for producing such a wonderful car at every opportunity so was he simply lying then or is he lying now?  Can we not trust what he says?  Does he simply feel the need to say something when in front of a microphone so just says anything?

Because it was in the post-race press conference this quote was glossed over in the TV coverage, but it really struck me as an odd thing to say and I still can’t work out why he said it.

Another TV quote was one of the race’s big talking points - the interview David Coutlhard kindly gave Louise Goodman after his coming together with Felipe Massa.  Now, swearing isn’t big or clever - but it is funny in the right context, and live on TV at 5.30am was the right context as far as DC was concerned!

Whether he was right in his view that Massa was totally to blame for the crash is a different matter and unfortunately FOM seem to have managed to remove all the clips from YouTube etc.  On first viewing I thought Massa had indeed gone in too fast to take the corner without using DC’s car to help him round, but perhaps they were both a bit to blame.  One thing is for certain though - had Massa not been there DC wouldn’t have been taken out of the race so I suppose from that you can say it was his fault!  The gutting thing from Coulthard’s point of view is that had he been able to finish the race he was practically guaranteed to get some points which maybe few and far between this year.

While still on the subject of that crash, two things struck me - firstly the fragility of the Red Bull and secondly how sturdy the Ferrari seems to be this year.  DC’s car simply disintegrated after being hit (albeit that he was hit incredibly hard not only by Massa but also again when it came back down onto the tarmac), yet Massa continued on - for a few more laps at least.

At the end pictures emerged showing that Massa’s Ferrari had been in the wars a few times with practically every panel showing contact with other cars.  Even at the first corner where he managed to spin round all on his own, the car came to rest against the tyre barrier which in previous years could have meant the end of his race, but this year he got going and after a trip to the pits for a new nose he was on his way again.

Hopefully from Red Bull’s point of view the way their car fell apart is not truly indicative of it’s strength as it would appear this year is going to see a lot of argy-bargy between the cars as well as a good few off-road excursions.  I seem to recall when DC raced for McLaren, the silver cars were pretty fragile then too and any contact at all with another car seemed to send them into retirement - perhaps this is an Adrian Newey design trait.  Let’s hope not!

The way Massa spun at the start seemed to reinforce the thoughts pre-season that he wouldn’t cope well with the loss of traction control however he wasn’t the only one.  Most people were off the road at one point or another, most notably Kimi Raikkonen - the one person everyone thought would be least affected by the changes in regulations.

Another interesting point to note was Heikki Kovalainen’s error towards the end of the race which allowed Alonso to pass him on the pitstraight.  It turned out that when Kovy reached to take a tear-off strip from his visor he inadvertently pressed the pitlane speed limiter which obviously slowed him down and allowed Alonso to pass.  This brings to mind thoughts from last year when Hamilton’s car slowed inexplicably and the rumour was that he had pressed a button by mistake - a rumour McLaren strenuously denied.  At the time we surmised that such an important button would be made in such a way that it would be impossible to press by accident, but it would appear not.

Does that re-open the rumours from last year?

And also, Ron apparently was the one who came out and said it was Kovy’s fault he pressed this button but what would have happened if it had been Lewis - how forthcoming would this information have been then?  The other good thing was that Kovy seemed happy enough to talk about his error which is a refreshing change.

All in all, I don’t think anyone could argue that the Australian GP wasn’t exciting - even if there was such a high attrition rate that there’s a fair chance your favourite driver or team didn’t even make the finishline.  Here’s hoping the rest of the season sees a bit less carnage but no less excitement.