With power comes responsubility, which is not always a welcome thing.

The easiest job in the world is to be the person who has no power or responsibility, but takes pot shots at every decision made by the person who has.

With the gorvernment, this happens all the time.  Labour will come out with some new proposal or other and the Conservatives, Lib Dems and all the rest will say the exact opposite - which is fair enough as that’s their job, even though it’s a pretty pointless way to earn a living in my eyes.

Labour (or whoever is in government at the time) are the only ones who have to actually balance the books so when a budget is due they have to be a bit sensible and only do what is necessary and actually possible.  The Tories can come out with ideas that are neither possible nor practical, but that sound good to the public in an attempt to win themselves votes come election time.  Chances are that if they were the ones in power they would have done exactly the same as Labour!

In the news this week has been another example of how easy it is to knock the people who actually have to make big decisions.

9-year old Shannon Matthews went missing over three weeks ago and thankfully was found alive and seemingly well this week.  This should have been heralded as great news, and we should have been thankful to the police for finding her, but instead certain people have claimed the police should have found her sooner.

This may be so, but only a thorough investigation into the operation could come up with a conclusion like that after months of sifting through the details - it can’t be reached after a few hours by someone who hasn’t a clue  what has happened.

It is far too easy to criticise and too hard for people to praise these days, which is surely a bad thing.

A search for a missing child is obviously an incredibly important case and everything possible should be done to ensure it’s safe return to it’s family so if mistakes have been made then they will have to be found and eradicated for the next time a child is abducted.

Unfortunately it probably won’t be long before that happens.