…get used to xenon headlights?

I’ve had them on two cars now and during that time I’ve lost count of how many people have flashed their lights at me thinking I’ve had my lights on main beam when they’ve actually been dipped!

There must be thousands of cars out there which have xenons fitted now, so why aren’t people used to seeing them about?  I know they annoy some people but to be honest I’ve never met a car with them and felt my sight was impaired by the xenons being too bright - the other good thing with them is that they are self-levelling so you don’t have that annoying thing where some people have their halogen lights pointing up too high and dazzle you.

I also challenge anyone to use a car equipped with xenons for a few weeks or months, and to then tell me they prefer going back to their normal lights - the difference really is night and day (sorry!).

So please stop flashing your lights at me, or putting your lights onto main beam in an attempt to get me to switch my lights off - otherwise I’ll be forced to continue switching my own xenons to main beam in response just to prove I really do have them dipped, and people don’t seem to like that!